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Advanced AC Ikura seiki fans  From  Motion Automation, Inc., is hi technology distribution company. We specialize in electronic and industrial components, motors, and factory automation controls, to the  MRO and the distribution markets. We also Ikura seiki fans support systems engineering groups of factory automation controls. The products and services we provide are essential to every manufacturing plant and original equipment manufacturer in today's highly competitive international market.  Our direct customer base, many of whom are recognized internationally as the leading technological companies in their fields know that in motion control, component design in, and factory automation, the engineering groups prefer to deal with company and team that can bring new technology, as well as expertise and support to Ikura seiki fans their projects...time is of the essence. We work with manufacturers and companies who present positive image and understand the concept of high technology business partner relationships and the investment involved in these efforts. These manufacturers must produce quality products, provide support, and must be technologically astute, with their eye on the future. The Motion Automation, Inc., business plan calls for sales emphasis on motors, motion controls, factory automation controls, components, instruments, control products, and customer support. The products and services that are offered must support each other as well as our customers. As first priority we will pursue manufacturers who provide balance of product and do not compete with existing product lines. Unlike the traditional brushless resolver, the Rotary has both primary and secondary windings in the stator and thus no rotary transformer is required the Rotary is intrinsically brushless! The transferred energy remains magnetic from the primary coil through the air gap to the sinusoidal shaped poles of the solid rotor.  AC and Brushless DC servo motors. Ace Green Ikura seiki fans Bushings Aihsara Transformers All Air Pneumatic Valves Amano Vacuum Pumps Anritsu Printers Meters Ando Denki Electronic Measuring Equipment Aoki Semimitsu Drive Components, Gear Reducers Aoyama Rubber & Elastic Products Arimitsu Pumps Aromat / NAIS PLC'S Sensors Timers Laser Counters Asahi Diamond Company Machine Tools Asakura Elfin Sleeves Asami Kiki Gauge Dampers Asia Instruments Shock Ikura seiki fans Absorbers Ask by Manufacturer Name Bearings Ask by Manufacturer Name Gauges Bando Belts And Bearings Bridgestone Ikura seiki fans Swivel Joints & Hydraulic Hoses Captain Industries Flex Conduit & Electrical Components Chiba Precision Miniature Electronic Motors Chino Electronic Recorders & Chart Paper Supplies Chiyoda Pneumatic Fittings Tubing Chuo Electric Transformers Cho Musei Electrical Components Chuo Seisakusho Proprietary Electronics Chuo Tsusho Specialty Tubing & Ikura seiki fans Equipment Citizen Measuring Equipment CKD Pneumatic Valves Cylinders Actuators Components Convum Vacuum Generators & Components Copal Pressure Transducers & Electronics Drop in plug and play with existing resolver electronics. Encoder Kits Rugged, compact with high performance in harsh industrial and commercial environments. Series EK501 Custom configured OEM applications. PPR 25, 32, 36, 40, 48, 50, 60, 64, 72, 80, 90, 96, 100, 120, 125, 128, 150, 180, 200, 250, 256, 300, 360, thru 1024 Rugged, compact magnetic encoders are custom configured for high performance in harsh environments. Now OEMs can have high performance incremental encoder custom configured for their applications. Designed to operate in harsh environments, Admotecs Series EK501 encoders consist of injection molded magnetic encoder wheel dimensioned to your specifications and magneto resistive hybrid IC sensor. With wheel diameters down to 6mm, the EK501 provides up to four times the resolution of comparable Hall effect devices. Perfect for high resolution feedback on small motors, actuators, and valves. And large through hole capability wheel IDs only 4mm less than OD are possible provides economical speed and position sensing on large shafts. Daichi

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