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Shinko has developed the world’s first, high-density (HD) linear motor that, instead of the conventional revolving design, uses a magnetic circuit to move an iron core back and forth,

Servo-actuators Shinko parts feeders can handle anything from delicate, tiny electronic chips to largescale components to systematically supply various kinds of production and processing lines.

Vibratory equipment is used to process many different powdered materials, ranging from food to glass,ceramics, plastics, paints, medical supplies, cosmetics, metals, magnetic materials, and even waste materials

Servo-actuators are used in an almost endless list of devices ranging from FA equipment and industrial robots to manufacturing facilities, medical equipment and drug manufacturing equipment. They are at the very heart of a wide array of devices designed for precise movement. In addition to our high-torque, high-thrust HD motors and HD linear motors, we offer alignment tables, AC servo-motors, and a wide array of other products in styles, sizes, and configurations that meet virtually every industrial and individual need.

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